Reduce Heating Costs in Autumn and Winter and Thereby Loan Purchases

Who wants to finance a purchase, of course, can take a loan.

In order to keep the loan amount as low as possible or even waive it. However, you can make savings at several points in everyday life. One of the largest cost blocks is in the field of energy, especially in winter and autumn. It gets dark earlier and temperatures often fall below freezing. It needs more heating and the lights are turned on.

The question is how to find the optimal temperature in order to save costs and reduce susceptibility to disease. Because: who is exposed to high temperatures in the apartment, the sick more often!

The recommended room temperature is around 20-22 degrees Celsius. When adjusting the heating, make sure that the temperature does not rise higher. Modern heaters can even be set exactly to the desired temperature. In the bathroom are again recommended 23 degrees. Here you can save costs to turn down the heating after leaving the bathroom. That also saves a lot over the whole winter.

In the kitchen, only 19 degrees are recommended, as the temperature rises by boiling alone. In addition, the kitchen is no lounge. Even bedrooms do not need more than 19 degrees Celcius. Especially here are deteriorated by excessive temperatures the air and illnesses are caused overnight.

Nevertheless, it must be ventilated in winter. It is advisable to ventilate the entire apartment twice a day for 5 minutes. A permanently tilted window, in turn, does not provide the ventilation you need and also cools the apartment – which increases costs.

Even when leaving the house it is recommended to turn down the heating. After coming home can then be ventilated and the heating turned up.

The saved costs can either be used as a reserve or invested in purchases. If the desired object is still not financeable then you can calculate the necessary financing with our loan calculator. It is also possible to overdraw the disposition credit. However, we advise against it.

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