The Legal Issues of Online Gambling

Online Gambling

There are a number of legal issues surrounding online gambling, including whether it is allowed in your country. Some countries have banned this practice completely, and others have enacted legislation to regulate and tax the activity. In addition, most countries have a minimum age requirement for betting online, which is typically 18 years of age. Others may require a higher age.

The popularity of online gambling has also spurred a number of government and industry efforts to regulate it. Legislation was initially proposed in the 1990s, with lawmakers introducing bills that would have prohibited online gambling activity except for state lotteries and horse races. The New York Republican Congressman Peter King has introduced legislation that will create a common federal standard for internet gambling. This will help businesses operate under the same rules and make lawmakers and regulators more efficient. Those in the gambling industry argue that having uniform standards will help them expand their businesses. The legislation will also create an office of gambling oversight attached to the Treasury Department to regulate the industry.

While gambling is legal on a federal level, each state retains the right to regulate it in different ways. While online gambling remains illegal in most states, Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware have begun the process of legalizing and regulating it.