Online Gambling and Problem Gambling

While physical travel to Las Vegas or a local casino is still a necessity for those who wish to indulge in online gambling, this activity is much more accessible and convenient. Although the number of online casinos has increased, rogue operators still operate, though, and are largely outnumbered by third-party review services. As such, these websites are required to share some of their data and strategies for detecting and preventing problem players. However, further action against such operators relies on the operator-initiated initiative.

The biggest advantage of online gambling is its convenience. Since you can access the games from anywhere with an Internet connection, you do not have to leave your home. Whether you’re playing slots on your mobile device or betting on your favorite sports team, online gambling offers you the chance to win big. In addition to the convenience, online gambling allows you to try out many different games without spending a dime outside your home. However, before getting into online gambling, it’s important to know a few rules and game mechanics.

In the latest study by LaPlante DA, actual gamblers were assessed for problem gambling and reported their overall involvement. The researchers used an online database of actual European operators to collect behavioural data from the participants. The findings revealed a correlation between the overall level of involvement and problem gambling. In addition, Tryggvesson K. and LaPlante DA have published an overview of Natpokerspelandet i Sverige: Omfattning, utveckling och karakter 2006 (Natpokerspelandet i SVERGE), which found a connection between online gambling and problem gambling.