Loan for Establishing a Business


Setting up a business of any kind involves a substantial expense. The financial expenditure is required to establish the business, adapt the structure to its specific needs, and hire suitable employees.

In addition, it is necessary to invest quite a bit of money in raw materials, machines and devices that are unique to production, and of course, distribution also involves expenses.

Therefore, most early entrepreneurs need to take a loan to set up a business . Which bodies are responsible for granting a loan to set up a business ? What are the conditions and requirements of the entrepreneur regarding the loan? Here are the answers to the issues raised


Loan for the Establishment of a Business Guaranteed by the State.


Loan for the Establishment of a Business Guaranteed by the State



Loan for the establishment of a business guaranteed by the State


The State of Israel received, a little over two decades ago, a significant strategic decision in the development of new businesses. The decision was to shift the weight in everything related to building businesses, medium and small businesses.

Studies have shown that approximately half of the workers in the economy are employed in small and medium-sized businesses. Thus, in order to increase the number of employed persons and reduce unemployment in the economy, the State of Israel established funds that grant a loan for the establishment of a business guaranteed by the State.

These funds help businesses in their various stages of activity develop while creating new jobs. In addition, these funds save entrepreneurs and business owners the need to provide guarantees for their loans, making it difficult for them in the past to take financing and loans to increase the business.

On the other hand, the business owner is obliged to invest his own money, a considerable part of the investment. In addition, the state requires businesses that have received loans to increase their manpower as much as possible.


Loan for Establishing a Business – Types of Additional Loans.


Loan for Establishing a Business - Types of Additional Loans


In addition to the above, commercial banks and other financial institutions also began to grant business loans, under good terms and convenient payments, to business owners.

A loan to set up a business is also given by various philanthropic entities, and foundations interested in investing in certain areas or in certain populations and developing them.

For example, funds investing in businesses in the north or south, or businesses that encourage entrepreneurship among Arab women. Other financial institutions invest in businesses that have presented a high-quality business plan with good prospects.

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