Douglas Emhoff Twitter | ‘Second Gentleman’: Kamala Harris’ husband Douglas Emhoff gets brand new Twitter account, people love it


Douglas Emhoff will be the very first “Second Gentleman” in US history. | Photo credit: Twitter

In less than a week, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be sworn in as president and vice president in Washington DC. Lots of changes are expected all around. Now even Twitter is gearing up for the same.

We all know the First Lady of the United States of America has a Twitter account. Harris becoming the vice president, her husband, Douglas Emhoff, also gets an official Twitter account with the name of “Second Gentleman”.

Emhoff’s biography reads: “Future Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff. Dedicated dad. Proud husband of Vice President-elect Harris. “

Among American presidents and vice-presidents, the spouse is always a woman, hence the existence of the First and Second Lady. With Kamala Harris becoming the very first woman to hold a position of power in the country, Emhoff is the first second husband in the country’s political history.

He had taken to Twitter to express his excitement at seeing his wife win the land of the people and he can’t wait to be the “second gentleman.”

As of yet, Emhoff hasn’t tweeted from his official Twitter account, but he still managed to make headlines. “Second Gentleman” appeared in the trends as Internet users began to react to the decision. They found him iconic and can’t wait to see him tweet.

They took to Twitter to post screenshots of the grip and give their two cents on how much of a game-changer it is. “I’m now @ / SecondGentleman because he’s a cool guy. AND HE’S MARRIED TO KAMALA HARRIS, THE VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES,” one user tweeted. Another said, “Look what Kamala Harris did. Story”, with a heart emoji at the end.

Biden and Harris are expected to be president and vice president on Jan.20.

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